2012 Recap: Successful and Not-So-Successful Car Companies

January 8th, 2013

Though President Obama’s bailout of the auto industry was a source of great controversy in the Presidential election campaign of 2012, it’s undeniable that car companies have considerably changed since the bailout. In 2012 alone some car companies surprised the nation with strong sales and other companies, had to shut their doors.

Honda shined bright while sales of the Civic and Accord shot up over 60% from the previous year. Ford, an American company, is also a strong contender as they can brag 5 vehicles on Wall Street Journal’s ‘Top 20 Vehicles’ list. Chrysler, another domestic brand, rose from the ashes from near-bankruptcy to a 30% sales improvement, compliments of a strategic and catchy marketing campaign. Other notably impressive sales leaps from 2011 to 2012 belong to Hyundai, Mazda, and Audi who all boast a 20% improvement. Even VW and BMW are bragging over 30% increase.

Luxury car makers are no longer immune to the fluctuating economy. Italian companies fared well, Ferrari with a 23% increase and Maserati with a 40% leap. British and English luxury car maker Bentley and Rolls Royce suffered over a 25% decrease. 100 year old ultra-luxury German manufacturer, Maybach, stomached the great loss of 75% sales in 2012 as the discontinuation of Maybach was announced in August.

It is undeniable that all industries bare some scars from our abusive and hurting economy. The automotive industry, that seemingly has been holding on by a thread has found some relief. It seems that now, finally, we are starting to see a bright future for the companies that provide us with dangerous recalls, dramatic news stories, endless marketing campaigns, and of course necessary means of transportation.

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