84.1 MPG Volkswagen

May 18th, 2012
Save money on gas

Milage experts, John and Helen Taylor, drove 1,626 on one tank of gas. Although they hold the Guinness world record for fuel efficiency, it still speaks volumes for the fuel economy of Volkswagen’s 2012 Passat TDI.

The new Passat was originally estimated to get 84.2 miles per gallon. On the Taylor’s record breaking drive from Houston, Texas to Sterling, Virginia they averaged 84.1 miles per gallon. That is an impressively close figure.

Unfortunately, the Taylors are not your average drivers. However, even if an average driver gets less, for example 60 miles per gallon, that is still an incredibly impressive fuel economy.

The entire trip was very well documented. They began with completely emptying the fuel tank. This was handled by a certified VW technician at a service center in Houston.
After the initial drain and refuel, the gas tank was sealed and signed.

Periodically, predetermined officials along the trip would check the seals integrity and be sure it hadn’t been tampered with or removed. In addition, the odometer miles and VIN number were recorded at each stop. With 120 pounds of luggage in the car and exclusively driving during daylight hours, the Taylors made sure to create an authentic holiday trip scenario.

The previous record holder for longest distance driven without refueling was also achieved using a Volkswagen. Obviously these award winning, fuel efficient drivers have something to do with the results. Regardless, the Volkswagen fuel economy potential is still twice that of it’s competitors.

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