A Car That Drives You. Driverless Vehicles Are The Future

November 29th, 2011
Teen driving blind folded

Driverless vehicles have been a topic of discussion when looking into the future of the automotive industry, but just how realistic are automated vehicle? Cruise control was introduced as a new age technology as early as 1948. This system was built to help maintain a cars speed, helping reduce fuel cost and speeding. Although, this system helps to maintain a constant speed while driving, the driver of course must stay in full control. Automakers have been trying to take this technology a step further for decades, making it possible for all passengers of the vehicle to be hands free, allowing them to preform other tasks while the car is in motion, such as playing with their children or doing homework.  Although, this concept seems light years away, Google has been working on a driverless vehicle for a while.

Google has been testing and piloting vehicles that do not require drivers. The vehicles operate on high-powered sensors and computers that are built to navigate through traffic, traffic lights and foot traffic. The vehicles are equipped with cameras and sensors mounted on the roof to help detect traffic patterns and activity.

Co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin, has reported that the self-driven vehicles have already made a 1,000 trip without needing the manual help of a human.

To be clear here, Google is not developing a new vehicles but yet the technology behind allowing a vehicle to move and operate without a driver.

The emerging technology has yet to be perfected and is still in the works by Google, although they have made hints to such product possibly being available by the end of the decade.


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