April Showers Brings Unsafe Driving Conditions

March 30th, 2011
Unsafe road conditions
Safe Spring Driving

Its time to come out of hibernation, winter is almost over. Although, the harsh conditions of winter may be over, spring brings rain, heavy rain. Drivers across the country must be prepared to drive in the spring weather conditions.  Many drivers get excited to see snow melting with rising temperatures and forget the driving conditions of spring. Depending on your location spring can be a dangerous time of year to be driving.

Driving North

If you are in the North and experienced the icy roads, record breaking snow fall levels and cold temperatures, you must be cautious of the sand and salt on the roads. The state and city maintained roads get inches of gravel, sand and salt dumped onto the pavement during the winter to protect drivers from accidents by sliding around on the icy roads. When the weather warms and the snow melts the sand is left on the roads until the city and state workers can remove the remaining material. In some cases, there are roads that do not get swiped of their winter salt and gravel. It is important to drive slow, be caution of corners and break cautiously during the spring to avoid sliding on such materials left over from winter.

Driving South

In southern states, drivers must be cautious of the rainfall. States such as Florida are accustomed to sunshine and warm conditions and when rain falls the roads become dangerous. The low sea levels of southern states, as well as poor drainage systems, can result in dangerous driving. Wet asphalt can cause vehicles to slide more easily on warm roads and can result in more frequented accidents. Rain has the ability to list oil and other slippery fluids, dripped by past vehicles, creating a slippery layer on the pavement.

General Spring Driving Tips
Change your oil

Oil is a vital part of every vehicle and without proper care, can have a heavy impact on your vehicle. With your spring-cleaning, clean your oil in your vehicle by getting your routine oil change.

Check your wiper blades

With the rain associated with spring, remember to check your windshield wipers and make sure they are working properly. If your wipers are not removing the material on your windshield properly, change them before the hazards of spring set it.

Change your tires

For those of you who may be driving with your winter tires on your vehicles, make sure you switch to the all-season tires. With the proper tires and the proper air pressure in your tires, your vehicle will get better gas mileage for all of the driving you will be doing in the months to come.

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