Best Time To Buy A New Vehicle

May 31st, 2011

Buying a new vehicle may require thorough thought and research before steppingonto the lots to search for your new ride. There are many articles that state the best times to purchase a vehicle to ensure you are receiving the greatest discount and best promotionally pricing. There has been thought given to the idea that consumers get a better discount at the end of the day due to the fact car salesmen are eager to end their day and are quick to close a sale, closer to the consumers wants. There is also a belief there are greater discounts given on rainy days. Whether the time of day, day of the week or the weather impacts slight differences in discounts, the number of sales on a car lot prove which when there are the greatest sales.

During tax season, the first quarter of year, typically the car lots are the busiest with people having extra money to spend with their tax returns. Because of the high foot traffic and increased sales during the first quarter of the year, car salesman offer lower discounts and promotions due to the fact there are more people searching and more chances to sell for a higher price. According to, in 2010 the greatest discounts were given to drivers during July.  Despite all the articles and tips on buying a new vehicle, the greatest impact on pricing for a new vehicle is dependant on the manufacturers and their size of inventories. The greatest trick in getting the best bargains on a new vehicle is to know the incentives and when they are offered.

So, how do you know when you are receiving the best discount? Before you drive to the lot, research online for comparative prices of the vehicle of choice. Sites such as offer an online resource to compare and search new vehicle prices with listing of local dealership pricing. Even if you are standing on the lot, looking at your dream car, pull up online applications and do a comparative search on the vehicle you are looking into. The dealership you may be using may be offering a more expensive price than a neighboring dealership, use the online mobile applications to research local dealership prices before committing to a new vehicle.

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