Big Truck, Small Lady

July 2nd, 2012
"General Motors logo"

Everyone is familiar with General Motors Co. and most are aware that they are the corporation behind several other large companies, such as Chevy. What you may not know is that this corporate giant has one fierce little manufacturing chief.

Diana Tremblay has been with GM for 35 years, she stands at 5 foot and 2 inches tall, but casts a shadow the size of the GM headquarters. Mrs. Tremblay has worked in the automotive field almost her entire life.

Known for her negotiations with labor unions, she is now being set to accomplish one of the hardest tasks yet. GM is rolling out the big boys this year in mass production. They are increasing production on nearly all of their full size SUVs and pick-ups.

Tremblay must find a way to do what would normally be done with seven factories, using only four. CEO Dan Akerson has every confidence in her ability to make this happen. Diana herself is quite confident as well. Her track record shows a laundry list of adaptability, reaching seemingly improbable goals, and seeing eye to eye with everyone from the executive meeting room to the factory floor.

If Mrs. Tremblay manages to overcome this seemingly impractical goal, GM stands to gain quite a bit of profit. Otherwise, we may be in for a shortage of GM made trucks and SUVs for 2013.

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