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December 1st, 2011
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How much do you love your vehicle? Are you married to a certain brand of vehicle or do you go where the best product is? Automotive manufacturers work hard through quality products, advertising and campaigning to gain the recognition of consumers while trying to build long lasting brand loyalty. Brand loyalty refers to the likelihood of the consumer purchasing future products from the same company.

With vehicles being one of the largest investments a driver makes in their life, there are many factors that go into purchasing a vehicle. Drivers take their vehicles very seriously and personally. They build a relationship with their vehicle and base their opinions of the product based on user-ability, reliability and cost. If you purchase a new vehicle from a brand you have never purchased from and you are forced to bring the vehicle to the shop every 6 months for a mechanical problem, you are less likely to build a strong positive opinion for the brand.

To take this concept a step further, Consumer Reports conducted a study to explore brand loyalty through a 2011 Car Brand Perception Survey. The study outlined how consumers rank vehicles across seven different categories such as safety and quality.

The data revealed that the most loyal drivers are those who drive Toyota’s, with 58% brand loyalty in 2011. This is the second year in a row Toyota wins the highest rating for brand loyalty from its consumers. The second most loyal customers are those who drive Honda’s with a 58%, Chevrolet at third with 57%, Ford at 53% and Dodge at 35%.

Along with the brand loyal data, the Consumer Report’s looked into consumers likelihood of purchasing a particular brand, Ford came in first with 18% of drivers likely to purchase a Ford over other vehicle brands. Chevrolet came in second with 13 percent, with Toyota coming in third with 12%.

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