Buckle Up and Save on Car Insurance

September 3rd, 2011
Safety Belt

We’ve all been told that wearing your seat belt can save your life, but did anyone ever tell you that wearing your seat belt could save you on car insurance?

In 2010, 15% of drivers go without the use of a seat belt, increasing by only 1% in 2009, most drivers that do where their seat belts will notice that it can come with a few benefits.

Every state throughout the US has implemented a law where it is a requirement to wear a seat belt, if you were to get pulled over and receive a ticket for not wearing a seat belt your insurance company may increase your annual car insurance premium.

Car Insurance is affected by any moving violation you might experience while driving so it is best you follow all the traffic laws to prevent yourself from having not only to pay for a ticket but also avoid paying a higher premium.

On average, drivers are in their car for 15 hours a week, that’s less than 3 hours a day. For the amount of time you are in a vehicle, it should be an easy task to buckle your seat belt in an effort to save your life, keep your insurance premium lower and to avoid a moving violation.

Seat belts can save your life and your wallet, so do what is necessary and buckle up.


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