Buying a car? Set an Appointment.

July 12th, 2012
Insurance Agent Explains Policy

Buying a new car is stressful, time consuming, and can become irritating. Part of the reason was created, is to alleviate the frustrating parts of the purchasing process. We outlined some steps to the car buying process in our blog ‘Search for a New Car Online’. In this blog we’d like to express the importance of making an appointment.

“Why make an appointment? I can just walk in whenever I want.” This line of thinking is reasonable to some degree, but one must think about the benefits an appointment brings over a walk in.

Even if you’ve called the dealer, discussed pricing, inventory and done all of your research; dealerships are often very busy when most of us have time off. The last thing anyone wants is a salesperson that is in a rush or is overly focused on concluding the deal and moving on.

Setting an appointment ensures the sales person has dedicated their time to cater to your needs. Test drives are a crucial part of the car buying process. Research is a necessity when making a large purchase, however one test drive can change everything.

If you test drive a car and do not love the way it handles, feels, or any other functionality, it will be imperative to take more time and research another vehicle. Having an appointment means that the sales person will be able to dedicate time to making other recommendations based on your criteria.

Making an appointment illustrates to the sales person that you are a serious customer and not just window shopping. One would be surprised at the amount of customer service and consideration they receive when it is a known fact that they are ready to buy.

If the test drive goes poorly, you can take the recommendations of the sales person under consideration and reschedule another appointment in a few days. Dealerships are in business to sell cars; they will almost bend over backwards for a client if they know the person is professional and has genuine intent to purchase.

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