California Auto Insurance Rates Rise

May 16th, 2012
Insurance rates

A total of eight car insurance companies in California are attempting to raise their rates. These rate hikes range from four to eleven percent. Two of these companies have already received state approval.

Access General, the highest rate increasing auto insurance company, has not yet been approved. At an eleven percent rate increase, auto insurance policies for almost 350,000 policyholders will rise an average of $62.

The auto insurer with the second highest percentage increase has already been approved. Unigard has increased auto insurance rates by 6.99%. The average policyholder will see a monetary increase of $48 dollars.

Integon, the auto insurance company with the third highest rate increase, only plans to increase by 6.9%. However, Integon’s average policyholder is looking forward to an $85 rate increase.

Commerce West is planning to raise rates by 6.91%. The average increase per policy holder is $40. Policyholders that will be affected by this rate increase total 69,439.

Metropolitan Direct is attempting to increase rates by 5.2%. The average monetary increase is $65, but affects over 80,000 policy holders.

The auto insurer Companion has been approved to raise it’s rates by 6.7%. The average policyholder will see a $21 dollar increase. Companion’s rate change will be affecting 15,273.

Both Grange and Hillstar auto insurance companies are trying to get approval to raise their rates as well.

If you are currently a policyholder with any of these companies, you can check with them directly to see when they plan to implement these rate hikes. is always here to help you with multiple new auto insurance quotes and guarantee the lowest possible insurance rate in your area.

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