Cell Phone Use While Driving

June 28th, 2011
Texting while driving

Driving distractions are involved in over 80% of all accidents according to California Department of Motor Vehicles. One of the growing distractions for drivers is the use of cellular devices, whether it’s a phone call, checking a Facebook status or texting, drivers are using their cell phones while driving.

A way to reduce or an attempt at reducing accidents relating to cell phone distractions is to place a statewide ban on the use of handheld devices. Across America, many states have adopted a law enforcing variations of cell phone bans. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, only 8 states allow police officers to pull over a driver for using a cellphone while driving, as the primary offense. Many states have provisions where an official can pull a driver over for an offense such as speeding and also ticket the driver for cell phone use, but it cannot be their primary offense.  As the statistics of driving distraction accidents continues to increase, additional states are expressing interest in banning cell phone use while driving. The GHSA mentions that over 30 states are considering this primary violation.

20 states across America have implemented a driving restriction on school bus drivers, making it a primary offense for drivers to use any form of a cell phone while driving a bus.

While it is proven to be a safety hazard and an extreme distraction while driving, there are 9 states that have no provisions, rules or regulations against cell phone use while driving, Florida being one of these states.

Whether your state restricts cell phone use while driving or not, take the extra precaution and drive safely. Do not be a statistic and become one of those involved in an accident due to cell phone use.

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