Dangers of Purchasing Used Tires

September 28th, 2011
Used Tires

More than ever, drivers are searching for new ways to save money. One way drivers are cutting corners on spending big on their vehicles is by purchasing used tires. With over 9 percent of the United States unemployed, more drivers are being forced to look for alternative ways to maintain their vehicles. With tires being one of the most important parts to a vehicle, it is unavoidable to get new tires or replace old ones when the tread is gone or the tire pops.  When caught in a tight situation and the dyer need for tires, drivers are searching for used tire shops where they can purchase and have old or used tires mounted on their vehicles. The used tire dealers are reselling the used tires from many difference sources. The used tires may have been sold because the tread was low, they were a couple of years old, they were recovered from an accident, or routine tire changes.  With the increased demand of used tires, many dealerships across the country have opened to the public selling used tires.

Dangers of used tires

The problem with purchasing used tires is simple. They are used, damaged, wore, old, outdated or possibly other flaws.  Used tires can be more dangerous for the fact that they commonly have multiple thousand miles of use on them, decreasing their traction ability. Used or worn tires age quickly and can crack, rupture or pop more easily than a new tire.

A tire is more complex than simply the outside appearance of them. There are two main features to a tire, the outside leather-like belt and the inner tube that holds the air. If you purchase a new tire, it is unknown of the damage to them that has already occurred. If you purchase a used tire with limited tread left, you may possibly be putting yourself in danger. A used tire may save you dollars at the moment, but in time you will have to purchase new tires or another new set of used tires because a used tires will not last for a long period of time. Driving on tires with limited tread can put you in danger due to lack of traction. This makes the vehicle more apt to slide in rain, snow, or on ice more easily.

Many drivers purchase used tires to save on new tires, use them for a short period of time before having the money for a new set, or to use as a spare tire.  If you have recently popped a single tire and are caught in a bind and in need of a tire instantly, a used tire is a good solution.  When purchasing new tires, it is standard to replace at least two tires at a time, if not the whole set of four.  If you are looking to quickly repair the one tire before purchasing the whole set then a simple used tire is a good fix, but if you are looking for long-term use, a used, worn tire may simply cause more problems and in the end possibly cost you more money.

If you are considering purchasing a used tire ask the tire dealer where they purchased the tire from, how many miles they can estimate the tires have and take a measurement of the tread left on the tire. A good indication of whether the tire has tread or not is to take a penny and put it in the grove of the tire, if Lincoln’s whole head is showing then the tire is worn out. Always remember to be extra cautious when purchasing any product new and for more automotive hints and advice visit AutoCricket.com.


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