Do Electric Cars Require More Maintenance?

November 1st, 2011
Electric Charge Station

The buzz surrounding electric vehicles is bigger than ever with manufacturers from across the world jumping on the wagon of producing 100% electric vehicles, running on electricity alone.  It has been a long time coming waiting for the day when drivers would see vehicles produced without engines but the time has arrived and the reports are out. There is just one question we all have, do electric cars cost more to maintain? The cost of purchasing an all-electric vehicle can vary from a low $10k to upward of $100k depending on the model and class you choose. Much like purchasing a gasoline-operated vehicle, there are more affordable purchasing options as well as luxury vehicles with extremely expensive price tags.  The cost of purchasing an electric vehicle is in the hands of the consumer, depending on what it is you are looking for in a vehicle.

When it comes to the after-purchasing cost of an electric vehicle, many may assume the cost to charge the vehicle may be as expensive as filling up the tank of gas. Drivers are afraid their electricity bills will become unaffordable when they plug their vehicles in each night to charge it. Well, the truth is an electric vehicle is reported to cost $2-$4 a charge with each charge lasting an average of 74-134 miles. The miles per charge is dependent on the type of vehicle you drive, with some of the new vehicles said to get over 134 miles per charge.  If you analyze the cost of electrify to the cost of fuel to fill a gasoline powered vehicle, the cost per gallon for an electric car comes in at less then cents a gallon, some as low as $.20 cents a gallon. A typical American drives less than 100 miles per day, with many drivers driving less than 50 miles per day, with this said many electric vehicle drives could drive two days on one charge, costing $2-$4 dollars for two days of driving. So, this being said, the cost of operating an electric vehicle is clearly much less than a traditional vehicle but what about maintenance.

The cost to maintenance your electric vehicle may be slightly more expensive for the fact many mechanics do not know how to service such vehicles so you will be forced to bring your vehicle into the dealership which traditionally costs more per service. The wonderful thing about an electric vehicle is that is will require much fewer trips to the mechanics due to the battery operated system. A traditional vehicle has hundreds of small parts working together to make the vehicle run, while an electric vehicle has a small group of 12 or so parts that operated the whole function of the vehicle. An electric car will require much less up-keep and should remain under warranty for the first 5 years. One of the most expensive parts to the electric vehicles are the batteries, costing between $10k-$20k to replace, but the good thing is most of these batteries are also under warranty for 10 years or 100,000 miles whichever comes first. And the government is working hard to lower the cost of electric batteries by 70% by 2014, so by the time your battery warranty runs out and its time for a new one, the cost of replacement should be down to a fraction of the current cost.

Overall, electric vehicles cost less money to run, less money to maintain and save the environment from harmful emissions.

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