Easy Ways to Lower Car Insurance Premiums

June 10th, 2011
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Car insurance payments are a nuisance to all, yet a vital requirement to ensure the safety and protection of all drivers, not to mention required by law. Insurance premiums are based on several unavoidable aspects of the driver and vehicle, however there are several simple ways of lowering the cost.

1.  Always start by comparing insurance carriers

Premium quotes are first based on information about you that you cannot change to get a discount, such as age, sex, marital status, and credit history. Your car also determines the premium based on liability. You can easily compare insurance quotes best fitting for you for free on websites such as www.AutoCricket.com.

2. Personalize your premium

If you are able to set a higher deductible, it will greatly lower your premium depending on how much is increased. If you have an older car that, if damaged would not be worth much, the Insurance Information Institute suggests “considering dropping collision and/or comprehensive coverage”(www.iii.org).


After using an auto insurance comparison website to select a coverage best for you, find out if your carrier offers any discounts. State Farm offers Multiple Vehicle, Multiple Line, New Vehicle Safety, Accident Free, Anti-Theft Device, Defensive Driving, Good Driving, Good Student, Driver Training, and Mature Driver Improvement Discounts (www.StateFarm.com). You may automatically qualify for some or be able to simply take a driving safety course to reduce insurance costs. Many carriers also give discounts for using them for other coverages such as home, personal, motorcycle, and boat insurance.

Different states also have specific discounts; State Farm offers an Anti-Lock Brake Discount in Florida, a California Good Driver Discount in California, and a Daytime Running Lights Discount in New York. Using nationwide comparisons through www.AutoCricket.com will help you find the lowest quotes for your state.


AutoCricket.com is a diverse online resource available for searching for insurance rates, a new vehicle or automotive related information. With its secure and easy to use form, you can quickly compare top-rated insurance carriers and local dealerships prices in minutes. To see how much you could be saving visit www.AutoCricket.com.

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