Electric Car Built for Speed

November 21st, 2011
A close up of the cruise control button

It has been almost five years since the launch of the first publicly available electric vehicle built to run on electricity and minimal gas, in an attempt to decrease the carbon footprint of drivers.  The first vehicles produced were compact, 2-seater designs built to cut down the emissions by decreasing the weight and size of the vehicle while creating a battery built to run these small vehicles.  Years later, car manufacturers are designing bigger, better, faster electric vehicles. Tesla Motors, a pioneering electric car company has announced their new addition to the electric car market, a Model S. This new vehicle expected to be available for purchase sometime in mid-2012 is said to go zero to 60 miles-per-hour in 4.5 seconds.

The 2013 Tesla Model S is a seven-passenger sport sedan built for speed with a top speed reaching 130 mph. The vehicle is built without an engine and ran solely on electric power with a 17-inch HD touch-screen display controlling all internal functions of the vehicle. There is a panoramic sliding glass roof, designed to be removed for a  “top down” like experience for the passengers. The 300-mile range vehicle is built for usability allowing drivers a 45-minute QuickCharg and a 5-minute battery swap.  There is also extra storage space under the hood of the vehicle.

The new addition to electric vehicles will come at a rather large price tag of $49,900 after the U.S. Federal Tax Credit.  With the highly anticipated launch of the Model S, Tesla Motors expects to manufacture 20,000 of the Model S by 2013.

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