Electronic Proof of Insurance

May 7th, 2012
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In the past year a great deal of legislation has been passed regarding electronic proof of insurance. Idaho and Arizona were the first to pass the law. Most recently, California has been added to the list of participating states that allow motorists to show proof of insurance via their smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

It is a very reasonable law, and grants drivers an additional option for showing financial responsibility. Colorado and Alabama are two additional states to pass this convenient law.

Louisiana representatives are set to review a similar bill. Not only does the Louisiana variation accept electronic proof of auto insurance, it may also legitimize electronic registration documentation.

Thus far, the states that have passed this legislation have voted it in unanimously. It probably won’t be long until the rest of the states adopt this digital solution. There aren’t many possible negatives that can occur due to the passing of such legislation.

The majority of problems that could possibly arise, such as fake or forged proof of insurance, are no different than traditional paper methods. The positives however are numerous. Electronic proof is ‘green’, if everything can be shown on a smart phone or electronic device, we can conserve a good deal of paper.

The legislation replaces the ‘temporary’ insurance card, which in some states isn’t considered valid, legal proof of insurance. The chief reasoning for most motorists is convenience. No more digging in the glove box for insurance and registration just open the file on your iphone and hand it to the officer.

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