Fisker Fire Fiasco

May 23rd, 2012
Risk of driving uninsured

Electric car company Fisker is being accused of creating faulty products. After receiving a 530 million dollar tax payer loan to build green vehicles; Fisker is being ‘flamed’ for a possible connection between their car and a Texas house fire.

Electric car chief engineer, Bereisa of GMs EV1 stated “That engine is shoehorned into that bay”. Bereisa expressed the possibility of a fluid leak causing a fire in such cramped engine quarters due to the exhaust routing problems that occur when hybrid engines do not have enough ventilation.

Fisker has currently stated that the fires cause has yet to be determined, denying the vehicle is faulty in anyway. However, the chief fire inspector investigating the case claims the fire definitely began with the Fisker Karma, but the how and why is yet to be solved.

The majority of officials involved including Fisker have ruled out the battery as the culprit. The focus for investigators now is the engine housing. As of May11th, 2012, the direct cause of the fire has yet to be determined and no additional Karma owners have had a similar issue.

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