Fisker Karma Boomarang

August 23rd, 2012
Refund sign

Our coverage of the Fisker fiasco continues with another double sided update. Fisker Automotive has just officially recalled 2,400 Karmas. After a couple fires and weeks of investigative work, Fisker discovered a faulty cooling fan was the culprit.

Between an unstable executive staff, failure to meet deadlines, inability to fund their own projects, a full on recall of their first and only current product it is starting to seem as if Fisker is doomed to fail.

At every turn, Fisker is met with a brand new set of challenges. How well they handle these challenges will be crucial to their survival. Obviously it is good that they have identified and are rectifying the issue causing the fires. On the other, bad publicity continues to surround the automaker and one would think investors would be heading for the hills.

Rudy and Wendy Burger, owners of a Fisker Karma that caught fire, stated that not only will they continue to drive a Fisker Karma, but will be investing in the company. It must take a tremendous amount of faith to continue to support a company whose product you purchased burned.

Fisker certainly has some strengths that may see them through these hard times. For one, the aesthetic design of their vehicles are beautiful. It would appear that Fisker owners are loyal to the cause of greener transportation, and truly believe Fisker will have a long lasting impact on how we commute.

The majority of investors realize that new technology will have quirks and bugs that need to be worked out. According to statements from investors and owners most of them are not worried about the survival of Fisker Automotive. However, there is considerable speculation from the rest of the industry, consumers, and even government.

Check back regularly, as we will continue our coverage of Fisker as news breaks.

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