Fisker. Shake it ’till you make it.

August 17th, 2012
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Through out our coverage of Fisker, the new green automaker, we have seen the company go through the ringer with good and bad press. The latest update is quite a doozie and it is no wonder they are consistently in the public eye.

Shuffling employees can be a great management strategy to ensure you have the best suited in the correct positions. However, Fisker has changed CEOs three times in a one year span. This certainly has people wondering if the vision of the company remains clear.

Consistency is very important to investors as well as consumers. Fisker has been consistent in three areas thus far: celebrity endorsement, vehicle fires, and the shuffling of upper management.

The have also remained in the spotlight due to federal loan requirements not being met, deadlines being passed, and fundraising over 400 million dollars to compensate for lack of a DOE(Department of Energy) pay out.

The Karma sold roughly 2000 units, mostly to celebrities, and almost exclusively to those with 7 figure, or higher, bank accounts. A new vehicle, from a new automaker, priced at over 100k, it is no wonder the Karma did not sell more units. Accompanied with the high profile vehicle fires associated with the vehicle, it is truly a wonder how Fisker is consistently able to raise funds for the new luxury sedan.

The Fisker Atlantic luxury sedan project is a speculated 150 million dollars of funding away from launching. The beauty of Fisker’s second vehicle release is that it is slated to be more affordable for the middle American family. The truth of the matter is that Fisker has not been able to meet it’s production deadlines and/or quantities.

The brand new automaker, growing in popularity and awareness at an alarming rate, will need to seriously bunker down into some solid financing and a self sustaining model relatively quickly or evaporate under the crushing scrutiny of public dismay.

The flow of news for Fisker Automotive is quite literally good/bad on a day to day basis. Perhaps the latest CEO is the final piece of the puzzle. Perhaps the Atlantic will be the ‘everyman’ electric vehicle savior the company intends. We will continue to bring you updates on the hottest, and only, controversial automaker.

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