Fisker Updates

August 3rd, 2012
Blue FIsker Karma

Fisker has had mixed bouts with scrutiny and praise for a good while now, but recently they are flushing out their roster with some heavy hitters. Most recently, Barny Koehler was appointed Chief Business Development Officer.

The role of Chief Business Development Officer, prior to Koehler, did not originally exist in the company structure. The addition of this role, and the man they have given the position, illustrates strategies of relationship building.

On the one hand, this doesn’t do much for Fisker in the way of fighting bad press. However, it does show that the automaker is moving forward and keeping a steady momentum.

Fisker has also been running its’ ‘Good Karma Tour’. A marketing campaign that takes the Karma from state to state, and allows the general public to get a hands on experience. Between the social initiatives on Facebook and Twitter, and the nationwide tour, Fisker is getting a lot of positive feedback, awareness, and attention.

Taking things a step further, Fisker has launched The website is not the official site, but more of an informational micro site. Micro site, however, is a severe understatement. The site is actually quite large and is being used as a platform to announce business updates, corporate direction, and an inside look at the steps Fisker is taking to advance their position in the automotive world.

We will continue to track Fisker over the coming months, check back for updates. Will Fisker change the way we look at vehicles, or fall face first? Only time will tell.

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