Fisker ups the ante.

July 26th, 2012
Hybrid/Green Car made of leaves/flowers.

Fisker is definitely the ‘new kid on the block’ in the auto industry. When Henrik Fisker began to chase down his dream of energy efficient vehicles, many investors turned him away and few thought he would succeed.

The Karma, Fisker’s first release, has exceeded the expectations of most people and nay sayers are starting to come around. Many celebrities have gotten on board to support Fisker Automotive as well.

Leonardo DiCaprio has supported Fisker from the start and is reported to have been the first owner of the Fisker Karma. DiCaprio’s charity foundation and Fisker Automotive have announced a long term partnership to raise environmental awareness and promote energy efficiency.

Unfortunately, even with many supporters, Fisker has had it’s fair share of hurdles.
A fire in a Texas home was attributed to the Karma parked in the owner’s garage. The house fire, combined with Department of Energy funding being with held for various reasons, has lead skeptics to believe the company is going bankrupt.

Despite having some bad publicity, Fisker is still moving forward. They are currently expanding into the global market share, and opening new dealerships on a regular basis. Fisker’s current actions dictate growth, more so than recession, and their latest product may make or break the new automaker.

Fisker Automotive announced the Fisker ‘Atlantic’. Unlike the Karma, the Atlantic is designed to be utilized as a family vehicle. The Atlantic’s price point will be at least half of the Karma.

The low slung body of the Fisker Atlantic creates a fair amount of backseat head room. In addition, the roof has a spider-crossed roll bar across the top. This window styling adds safety and natural light simultaneously. The rear passenger doors have a slightly hidden handle, to give the functionality of a four door and the appearance of a coupe.

The Atlantic will be a very sporty looking family car. Low emissions, and almost no fossil fuel reliance, makes Fisker an environmentally conscious and responsible choice. With it’s E.V.e.r. technology, you can drive longer distances, without worrying about running out of battery charge.

We are keeping a close eye on Fisker and will report updates via our blog in the future. Check back in to watch the rise, or fall, of one of the most innovative new car companies.

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