Florida’s P.I.P.roblem

April 11th, 2012
Scales of justice

Since the 1970’s Florida legislation required motorists to have Personal Injury Protection, or P.I.P. insurance coverage, with a minimum of 10,000 dollars. The No-Fault P.I.P. law was initially design to reduce litigation processes and ensure medical bills were paid timely.

Unfortunately, con men and scam artists abused this system, and exploited it for millions of dollars over time. The by product of this fraud has raised PIP payments up 70% in the past two years.

Luckily for Floridians, our state leaders recognize this problem and have been working to get legislation passed that fixes the issue. Two reform bills are in circulation currently attempting to fix this unfair tax on Floridians

Rep. Jim Boyd’s House Bill 119, and Sen. Joe Negron’s Senate Bill 1860 are both making their way through the process. The House Bill is acutely more radical than Senate Bill 1860, aiming to completely replace the PIP system with emergency care coverage or ECC.

ECC only covers emergency conditions. To qualify for coverage conditions must be diagnosed by a doctor in a hospital-licensed emergency facility within 72 hours. This may seem a bit extreme but it may also be the most effective.

The Senate Bill 1860 is set to refine the system we currently have by limiting types of medical coverage. It would exclude care such as rehabilitative massage or acupuncture and require strict regulations on what sort of licensing a clinic or medical care facility will require to receive PIP compensation

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