Flying Cars: 2011 Brings Hope Back To The Future

January 17th, 2011
Future road sign

Eleven years into the 21st century and the roadways are still flooded with four-wheeled vehicles controlled by streetlights, traffic and pavement. What happened to our visions of zipping around the air in our space aged flying cars? Television shows and movies have been predicting the use of flying cars for decades. The Jetsons predicted flying cars by 2062, while Back to the Future promised them by 2015.  Four years from the predicted date of flying cars and a flying car is introduced to the public.

Terrafugia, a small privately owned company, has recently gained FAA approval for their roadable aircraft. This road capable vehicle is equipped with folding “wings”, allowing the vehicle to rise into the air and fly. The basic look of the “flying car” is truly a mix between an aircraft and a car; therefore the vehicle is being considered the “transition”. The cockpit and wings give the vehicle an aircraft look while the four wheels, headlights and license plate holder make this vehicle transition into a car.

While, the Transition is not a hybrid by definition, it performs competitively with its fuel economy, regularly getting 35 miles per gallon, which is roughly 490 miles of airtime.

The release of the Transition is to be set in 2011 with a price tag of $194,000.  Although, the price of the flying car may be out of reach for the average consumer it does bring hope back to those hopeful Jetson fans dreaming of a wingless hover-board soaring through the air.

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