Focus Vs. Corolla

September 3rd, 2012
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Last weekend Ford announced that its’ Ford Focus sales numbers are on their way to beating out Toyota’s Corolla as the best selling vehicle. While Ford is calculating that they have bested the Corolla in sales by nearly 27,000 units, Toyota is debating that the Corolla has multiple models under assumed names in various countries. Thus, the numbers of Toyota Matrix, Auris, and Corolla Verso are not included in Ford’s figures.

Despite the debating of numbers between both automakers the Ford Focus does have some benefits over the Toyota Corolla. One example is fuel efficiency. The Focus Boasts a maximum of 40 mpg, while the Corolla is only capable of 34 mpg.

In terms of design, the Corolla hasn’t strayed very much from it’s older counterparts. The Ford Focus, being a newer vehicle, has a sleek exterior that is dynamic and much more stylish. The Corolla is a very plain looking car, not too sporty and not very unique.

On a global level, the Ford Focus may currently be on it’s way to besting the Corolla for the number one sold car. However in the United States the Toyota Corolla is still the reigning champion with almost 27,500 more sales than the Focus during the first half of the year.

Toyota has definitely earned an impressive reputation amongst North American consumers in the areas of reliability and longevity. This reputation affords Toyota a higher resale value. While the exterior may be a little ‘plain jane’, the reputation and positive consumer reviews make it a very appealing purchase.

Can Ford beat Toyota in sales? Check back towards the end of the year and we will discuss who won and why.

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