Ford Recalls Again and Again

September 7th, 2012
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The Ford Escape SUV has had three recalls over the past few months. The recalls were not for the same issues. Faulty fuel lines, a carpet padding issue, and engine coolant plugs were the key areas causing individual recalls.

The fuel lines were reported to have had a cracking issue. The fuel lines would leak and potentially cause fires. This particular recall was in July, and caused a recall of over 11,000 vehicles.

The following recall was an issue with carpet padding of the floor boards causing pedals to stick and interfering with the driver’s ability to brake properly. The carpet issue was recalled and resolved only slightly later in July, and 10,000 vehicles were brought back in to be adjusted.

More recently, improperly installed coolant plugs caused the coolant to leak out onto an overheating engine. The end result of coolant leaks could, and did, produce engine fires. One dealership reported that an employee was driving the vehicle when one caught fire.

Safety regulators are not pleased with the idea of several severe issues and consistent recalls, and have expressed concern about the quality of Ford’s latest rendition of the Escape SUV. One can be certain that Ford is not pleased with the recalls or the negative publicity. Especially after three recalls in such a short period.

Although the older models of the Escape are nearly entirely different vehicles, they too were recalled globally to deal with a sticking gas pedal issue. Nearly half of one million Ford Escapes have been recalled this year for very serious issues.

Nine injuries and one death have been attributed to these manufacturing faults. Given the number of vehicles recalled, the percentage of actual incident is extremely low. Unfortunately, statistics and percentages will not suffice to comfort the family that has lost their teenage daughter.

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