Funniest License Plates

June 2nd, 2011
A humorous vanity plat that reads "I AM LATE"

The appearance of your vehicle is traditionally standard and can lack personality, fortunately for those creative drivers, there stands to be one place for creativity on your vehicle; your license plate. When you register your vehicle and purchase a license plate, typically the numbers and letters are chosen and assigned to you at random.  But each driver does have the ability, for a small fee, to customize their plate with their own numbers and words of choice. Some drivers around the country have taken the liberty of expressing themselves through their license plates. Lets take a look at the top license plates.

10. The your mom jokes just never get old.

9.  Well, we have to give her credit for being honest here.

8. This wins for creativity. You tell me if a cop going 60 mph will be able to call this license plate in. (The 8′s look like B’s for those of you just catching up)

7.  Endless frustration or their a pirate….

6.  Catchy but may be a target for disaster calling the cops attention.

5.  Here is a passionate vegetarian.

4.  I wonder how his wife feels about this one..

3.  This license plate leaves no room for imagination, we all know driver of the Mercedes is a nerd.

2.   Warning: Driver may make sudden turns, quick breaks and speed due to poor time management.

1.  And the winner goes to ..Eat the kids first… creative &  creepy.

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