Gas Prices Influence Travel

June 7th, 2011
A meter showing the rise in gas prices

Although, we may be on a slight downward spire from the close to record breaking fuel prices in 2011, the cost of fuel above $4 a gallon, in some states, may force travelers to stay put these coming summer.  The growing cost of fuel over the last few years has shifted the way drivers and families plan their vacation time. In past years, families would travel to cap cod, drive up the cost or travel to far away relatives to spend their summer months, but now with the cost of fuel nearly $4 a gallon in many states and it costing drivers over $100 to fill their tanks, drivers are forces to stay put.

Travel researcher Shane Norton states, “There is definitely a shift in how people spend their dollars. They are trading down in food and cutting back on shopping and swapping out their activities.”

The percentage of those saying they’ll possibly or definitely take a vacation this summer has fallen from 87 percent in 2010 to 81 percent in the latest survey.

AAA estimated that slightly fewer will drive during the summer months to nearly 30.9 million drivers, a slight decrease from those who traveled by vehicle just a year ago.

The shift from driving to other means of transportation, forces drivers to be more conservative with their resources. Many drivers are purchasing hybrid vehicles to cut the cost of fuel.

According to a study by a new Auto Club, 27 percent of participants say they are tolerant to the rising cost of fuel while 33 percent state they will make major changes in the amount of fuel they use once the cost of fuel reaches over $4 a gallon. is a diverse online resource available for searching for insurance rates, a new vehicle or automotive related information. With its secure and easy to use form, you can quickly compare top-rated insurance carriers and local dealerships prices in minutes. To see how much you could be saving visit

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