Gas Prices On A Rise: Top Fuel Efficient Vehicles

February 24th, 2011
A chart detailing gas prices rising.

Fear for the economy strikes again as gas prices increase 5-cent in less then a week. The increase in gas prices at the pumps are reaching a high since 2008 to $108 a barrel, according to an AAA report.,  forcing American drivers to question how high will prices get.

From roughly 1950-1990 gas prices fluctuated between .19 cents to $1. Today gas prices are at a national average of $3.51 and are increasing rapidly. Within 9 years, from 2000-2009 gas prices went from $1.60 a gallon to over $4.00 dollars a gallon. Although, drivers across America did see a drop in gasoline prices for 2009 into 2010, the prices have begun to skyrocket again. Experts predict the oil prices to reach the $4.11 record high and continue to rise. The current increase in the price at the pump is not said to be due to a limit of supplies but rather the turmoil in foreign countries such as Libyan.

If gas is predicted to reach over $5 a gallon by 2015, will drivers be more likely to switch to a hybrid or fuel efficient vehicle? With prices on the rise, a strategy to fight the high cost of gasoline is to purchase a fuel-efficient vehicle allowing you to stretch your dollars at the pump.

Currently, the most efficient vehicle overall is the Toyota Prius with an average city 51 mpg and a highway average of 48 mpg.  The U.S. Department of Transportation states the average U.S. vehicle gets 19.8 mpg.

So, battle the oil prices and go green. Search and compare prices for a fuel-efficient vehicle on

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