Get Your Vehicle Summer Ready

April 19th, 2011
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The average temperatures around the country are on the rise as we move closer to summer, gear your vehicle up for the heat with a few simple tips from

Check your tires.

Different seasons require different treatment for your vehicles tires. The winter season requires a heavier tire with more grip, while the summer months require a more heat acceptable tire such as an all-season tire. If you travel in the hot summer months with a winter tire you may wear the treed off of the tire more quickly on dry pavement.

Check the tire pressure

Because of the higher temperatures in the summer, the air pressure in a warm tire rises. The reason behind this is that air is a gas and gas expands when it heats up.  The air pressure in your tires is vital to ensure you are receiving the best possible contact between the tire and the road.  To receive an accurate reading of your tires air pressure, check it when the tires are cooler, rather than after a long drive in the hot sun.

Carry an emergency kit

Much like the winter, there are various risks and dangers during the hot summer months. Depending on where you live, the humidity and heat during the months of July and August can stand to be unbearable at times. If you pop a tire or break down during the intense heat, you may want to have water, extra cloths, food, jumper cables, and a first aid kit located within your vehicle.

Check your air conditioner

Air conditioning can be key to maintaining your comfort for the summer months. Running your vehicle without air conditioning may not harm your vehicle but it may drive you crazy.  The switch from winter to summer means running your air conditioner for the first time in months, depending on which state you live in.  To ensure proper use before the extreme days of heat, switch on the air unit and test for cold air. If the air seems to be warm you may want to check to see if the compressor is turning or check the level of refrigerant.

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