GM, Cadillacs & Customer Service

June 20th, 2012
"General Motors logo"

GM’s North American President Mark Reuss is placing the focus on customer service. Going forward, the GM leader is offering company wide incentives for customer retention.

Third party research companies, as well as in house figures, will determine the pay outs. Every employee from the engineer desk, to the factory floor and even dealers out on the lots will get a kick back if Reuss’ goals are met.

What are those goals? No figures were given, but overall customer satisfaction results may offer bigger incentives than sales over the coming years. Mr. Reuss states that they will be reinventing 70% of their product catalogue. Most of those changes, will be be directly coinciding with customer feedback.

The secondary focus of GM, will be bolstering the Cadillac luxury brand. According to Reuss, GM plans to expand the Cadillac influence into Asia/Pacific. As the North American President of GM, naturally Mr. Reuss stated that the Americas would certainly remain the focus. He commented that despite expanding and wanting a flagship vehicle for Asia/Pacific, “there are so many crucial decisions right now, and we have to prioritize .”

At the end of the day Reuss assures customers and stock holders that GM is down but not out, and it is the perfect time to start giving customers exactly what they want.

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