How to Save Money by Driving “Green”?

February 9th, 2011
Hybrid/Green Car made of leaves/flowers.

The harmful emissions required to produce and operate a traditional gasoline-run vehicle can be reduced by simply purchasing a vehicle that is considered to be “green”. A green vehicle operates on natural gas, rechargeable energy, ethanol, Hydrogen, or can be a Hybrid vehicle. Unfortunately, the more environmentally safe vehicles come with a larger price tag. The initially cost of buying a green car, often detracts buyers from purchasing a “green” vehicle. Fortunately, if you are environmentally conscious and are looking to save money and drive green, there are small tips that can save you money and save our environment from the harmful emissions from your vehicle.

For a traditional gasoline powered vehicle, driving conservatively around town can save you five percent fuel efficiency, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. When it comes to driving on the highways, drivers can save big on their fuel costs. Highway speeds, roughly 60 mph, requires more gasoline to be burned therefore produces more harmful emissions. For every 5 mph you increase your speed, you are costing yourself .20 cents more every mile per hour you drive. Drive green by driving at a consecutive speed without frequent acceleration. General Manager of, Ron Coogan, believes fuel efficiency and driving green can be improved by reducing the weight within a vehicle. The actual weight of a vehicle and your passengers are unavoidable but the tools and items packed into a vehicle are often optionally. If there are items in your trunk that have been forgot about but have a significant amount of weight, you could be increasing your fuel costs. Do a quick analysis of your vehicle; check your truck and backseat to see if there are items you could remove from your vehicle to reduce the overall weight. Time management is key to driving “green”. If you plan your driving ahead of time, around times of heavy traffic, you can avoid idling in traffic. While a car is idle it releases the highest levels of harmful emissions and burns gas without any movement. Also, planning for your stops throughout a day can lower your cost of gas. A vehicle uses a large amount of gas to start and stop. A vehicle that is warm will burn less fuel and release less emissions. If you plan your stops ahead of time you can do more activities at a time without costing you more in fuel.

Becoming a “green” driver can be simple and easy for any driver without having to purchase a “green” vehicle. Be a conscious and conservative driver and intern save money and the environment.

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