Hands Free Phone Systems to be a Standard Feature in New Vehicles?

October 17th, 2011
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The outcry for laws and regulations limiting cell phone while driving have stretched back since cell phones were released over a decade ago. It is not that reports are pilling up of the actual dangers of distracted drivers. Every year roughly 6,000 die and half a million injuries occur by distracted drivers, of those distractions cell phone use is the most commonly reported. A 2009 study reports at any given time over 800,000 American’s are texting, talking on their phone or searching the web while driving. This proves the need to limit cell phone use while driving a vehicle. A distracted driver cannot only harm themselves but those around them in other vehicles or their passengers.

One-way manufacturers are taking a stride toward limiting distracted driver accidents is by installing a hands free phone system. These systems are being installed in new model vehicles as part of the standard package or an additional cost of upward of $350.  The system is typically placed in the dock where the radio or CD player is placed and includes the ability to link a mobile device to the car system by using bluetooth. The system has the ability to recognize when the phone is near or inside of the vehicle and allows you to switch to a speaker phone, freeing both of the drivers hands for a safer driving experience.  Drivers can program a phone book into the system to create a faster dialing ability as well as voice recognition for accessing those contacts. This completes the hands free experience.

The emerging technology is popping up in nearer model vehicles and is capable with many phones. To find out if your phone is capable with the new model vehicle of your choice, visit autocricket.com, where you can get pricing on a new vehicle as well as find out special features such as the hands free systems.


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