How To Get the Most for Your Car

April 12th, 2011
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Whether your vehicle has been a constant source of aggravation or a reliable source of transportation, there comes a time to get a new vehicle.  The process of selling you vehicle can be a painful one, full of aggravation, negotiations and time.

Depending on your circumstance, you may need to sell your vehicle in a quick bind to get money or to get something more reliable, just remember to be prepared before selling your car. To take the pressure off of the process and to help you get more money for your car here are a few foolproof tips.

Clean it up

The first impression of your vehicle is how it looks. When you are looking to sell your vehicle you need to make sure to take extra time to clean every aspect of your vehicle. If there is cosmetic damage to your vehicle, you can reduce the negative look of the damage by increasing the surrounding areas. Clean the break dust from the tires rims and wash the entire out side of the car. The interior of your vehicle is also a vital part in selling your vehicle. If the interior has been cleaned to perfection, the value of your car can appear to be worth hundreds of dollars more.

Stay up to date

The up keep of a vehicle can be time consuming, but the value it adds to your used vehicle is huge. When you sell a vehicle in a private party sale, most buyers will ask if your vehicle has been serviced lately. The buyer is looking to ensure the owner of the vehicle has been taking proper care of the vehicle to hinder the possibilities of future mechanical work needed. If you have not kept up regularly with the maintenance, the best thing would be to take your vehicle into a shop, get the basic checkup and oil changes to ensure it has been serviced. A newly serviced vehicle will present itself as more valuable than a vehicle that has been mechanically neglected.

Do your research

One of the most important things you can do before selling a vehicle is to do comparative research. You should shop around online to compare prices for similar vehicles to your own. Visit websites such as and other online resources that can give you an estimate of what your vehicle is worth. This can help give you a starting point for your vehicle then you can take into account any extras added to your vehicle or damage that may diminish the value.  Another valuable sources of information is Criagslist allows you to post your vehicle for free online and also compare the price of other vehicles for sale within your area.

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