How to Keep Your Auto Insurance Low with a Suspended License

September 6th, 2011
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Violating traffic laws can result in you receiving a ticket or fine, rack up enough of them and you could be looking at a suspended license. Traffic violations are red flags to insurance companies that you may be a high-risk client, which in turn equals a higher premium. Nothing is more high-risk than a policyholder who has been careless enough to get their license suspended.

Below are a few reasons for a receiving a traffic ticket, you are not limited to this list and can receive a fine for a multitude of other reasons.

  • Speeding
  • Violating traffic signs
  • Running a red light
  • Failure to use turning signal
  • Not wearing a seatbelt
  • Drunk driving
  • Reckless driving

The more violations on your driving record, the more it will cost to insure you. In order to keep your insurance premiums low, it is your responsibility to keep a valid drivers license as well as follow the traffic laws that have been set to avoid receiving a fine for anything.

Below are tips to help you keep your premiums low while waiting for your license to be re-instated.

Reduce Your Coverage

The odds of you needing collision or comprehensive coverage while your car is parked in a driveway are low. Analyze your policy and consider reducing your coverage to the state minimum requirements. Reducing your car insurance is a better choice than re-applying for auto insurance once your suspension has been lifted.

Temporary Hold

Requesting a temporary hold on your car insurance policy is often possible but it depends on the car insurance company and the reason you request a hold. If you can find a reason to have your car insurance policy put on hold this may help waive premiums for a little while but reducing your coverage is a much better option since car insurance policy holds are very limited in term.

Finding auto insurance after a suspended drivers license can be challenging and expensive so most drivers tend to either keep their current policy or reduce coverage temporarily.

Traffic School

A car insurance provider will be more likely to take the chance of insuring you after your license has been suspended if you are willing to take the initiative to better develop your driving skills and understand the traffic laws.

Temporary Driving Permit

Sometimes a driver with a suspended licensed can apply for a temporary driving permit or a temporary restricted license. This permit allows you to continue driving, but only for certain reasons such as going to and from work.

To get a temporary permit, you will have to pay the states re-instatement fee, meet responsibility criteria and complete a written test.

Keep Clean

A suspended license is not always a bad thing; think of it as a fresh start. Take the opportunity to keep your record clean and prove to your insurance company that you are insurable and will one day lower your premiums again.

Be sure to follow all driving laws and keep away from anything that might flaw your record.

Get car insurance quotes

It is illegal to drive uninsured and in some cases to get your license re-instated, you need to show proof of auto insurance.

Shop on and offline to see what insurance companies will work with you and can offer a policy within your budget and with adequate coverage.

Proving Yourself

Don’t become disheartened when searching for auto insurance quotes, drivers with a suspended license are thought of as high-risk and it is not unusual for insurance companies to quote higher premiums.

By taking the necessary steps to proving yourself as a responsible driver, you may become eligible for a discount or reduction in your insurance rate. is a diverse online resource available for searching for insurance rates, a new vehicle or automotive related information. With its secure and easy to use form, you can quickly compare top-rated insurance carriers and local dealerships prices in minutes. To see how much you could be saving visit

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