How to Prevent Parking Lot Accidents

January 24th, 2011
Parking Lot

Driving 65 miles an hour on a crowded highway during rush hour or parking your vehicle in a parking lot, where are you more likely to get into an accident? A parking lot, of course.  After turning off of a busy highway or road into a parking lot you may feel safe but the chances of you being involved in an accident actually increase greatly. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 20 percent of all motor vehicle accidents happen in a parking lot. Though these collisions are frequent they commonly result in minimal physical damage but the cost for repair can be high.  Avoid the cost of a parking lot accident and the rise in your insurance premiums but following these simple tips:

Distance Yourself

Although parking further back in a parking lot can mean you may have to walk slightly farther to your destination, it could save you hundreds of unnecessary dollars on your vehicle. Parking in a narrow parking space or with high volumes of traffic can result in dings and scratches on your vehicle.  Far too often the dents and damage to your vehicle occur while your away shopping in the stores and the other party involved in the incident drives off, leaving you with the hefty repair bill.  If there is an option, opt for the exercise and park further away from the highly congested areas of a parking lot.

Park in the Center

We have all been there, when we are in a hurry and quickly pull into a parking space despite our orientation and jump out to our destination. If you are parked over the line, diagonal or not pulled into a space far enough, you are increasing your likelihood of being involved in a parking lot accident. Pulling into the center of a parking space ensures the other drivers have the appropriate room to place their vehicle without harming your vehicle. Simply adjusting the time spent to park your vehicle will improve your chances of avoiding an accident.

Use Signals

While driving in a parking lot, people neglect their turning signals. Your signals are as vital in a parking lot as they are on a busy highway.  While driving through a busy parking lot, searching for a space, using your blinkers will indicate to other drivers your plan of action. Rather then seeing who can drive into the parking space faster, possibly resulting in a collision, use the turn signals in your vehicle at every turn.

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