How to Prevent Your Vehicle From Theft

April 5th, 2011
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How to Prevent Your Vehicle From Theft

Vehicle theft is an all to common issue. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles are stolen a year within the United States, but along with the high number of stolen vehicles, there are other forms of vehicle theft.  Criminals often steal a vehicle, not for the goal to keep the vehicle long term, but to rip the parts and devices from it. In San Diego, CA more then 10,000 vehicles were stolen in 2010 but over 8,000 of those vehicles were recovered, according to the San Diego County District Attorney.

In 2009, the estimated property losses of stolen vehicles estimated to be over $5.2 billion, according to the National insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). Auto theft is not covered by all insurance policies; only those with the optional comprehensive coverage are protected against automotive theft. For those without insurance, a stolen vehicle can result in thousands of dollars in lost property.

Although, theft is a common occurrence in the United States, there are ways to reduce the likelihood of having your vehicle stolen.

Park Safely

The safest location to park your vehicle is in a locked garage but not all drivers have the option to do so. For those without a garage, it is safest to park in a well-lit area, in betweens other vehicles so it is harder to tow, and always remember to lock your vehicle. According to the NICB, 47% of people admit to not parking in a well-lit area.

Protect Valuables

A vehicle can be more attractive for theft if valuables are left in the open or exposed.  Any valuable items should be removed from the vehicle when you leave or put valuables in locations where an onlooker cannot see the items. According to the NICB, 40% of people don’t hide their valuables when leaving their vehicles.

Things to consider when protecting your vehicle

Criminals commonly work in patterns and the Auto Theft Prevention Authority has developed a list of patterns of criminals. The most popular color of stolen vehicles is black. The second most popular color is white. The most vehicles are stolen in the month of July and August and occur on a Monday. Also, the most popular vehicle reported stolen is a 1995 Honda Civic.

So, protect yourself against theft by being additionally couscous where you park and by having comprehensive insurance. Search for insurance rates today on

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