Keep Your Car Safe From Hurricane Damage

August 30th, 2011
Palm tree in storm

Living in hurricane-prone areas gives you a better understanding of the damage that can be caused from this natural disaster. Being prepared before the next hurricane rolls through can alleviate the amount of damage that could possibly occur to your personal property. Knowing the basic tips for protecting your car from hurricane damage will save you more in the long run.


Problem: When it comes to hurricanes, wind speeds are not all to blame for damage. Hurricanes produce storm surges and more often than not, threaten inland flooding.

Solution: The best way to protect your car from flooding is to get it to higher grounds and away from flood inclined areas. Find a public parking garage that are a few stories high and park there. This will ensure your car keeps from getting flooded.

If you do not have time to get your car to higher ground and it sustains water damage from flooding, take it to an experienced mechanic immediately for a thorough inspection.

Not all damage will be visible from the outside of the vehicle, so be careful driving the vehicle before getting it checked out, you may be doing more damage than good.


Problem: Hurricane winds can start from about 75 mph and can reach up to about 155 mph, this makes it very possible for nonpermanent objects to be knocked over and thrown around.

Solution: The easiest way to protect your car from falling debris is by keeping it covered, preferably in a garage or carport. If you do not have a garage keep your car parked far away from trees, poles, or any other object that can be thrown around during a hurricane.

Taping your car windows in a crisscross pattern before the storm hits may keep your windows from shattering if something were to hit into it. Also make sure to remove all nonpermanent items such as flowerpots, hoses and patio furniture.


Problem: When a hurricane is projected to be at its worst some areas may be urged to evacuate to safer areas.

Solution: In the event of an evacuation make sure that you map out a safe route, stay informed of changing weather conditions, carry emergency supplies in your car and to keep a full tank of gas at all times.

If you have to drive during a hurricane, try to avoid fallen power lines and flooded streets as best as possible, they are extremely dangerous and can cause irreversible damage to your car.

Filing a Claim

Problem: Hurricanes can leave behind a great deal of damage especially to cars that have been left outside.

Solution: Be sure to call your auto insurance company to make sure you have the appropriate coverage before you go ahead with any repairs to your car.

Hurricane-related damage is typically covered by comprehensive coverage in your auto insurance policy.

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