Kentucky Adds Incentives to Automakers

July 10th, 2012
Scales of justice

In Kentucky this week, over 100 laws will take effect on Thursday, July 12th. Amongst them two will affect the auto industry, and another two will affect highway safety. In order to encourage automakers to expand it’s Kentucky production operations automakers will receive additional tax incentives. While already a top state for U.S. automotive production, Kentucky is attempting to appeal to additional manufacturers as well as having existing plants expand their operations.

Another law that will affect the auto industry, are strict buying guidelines for the household products that comprise methamphetamines. Kentucky is dealing with a meth problem, that slims down the number of drug free employees. Hopefully, the new stringent purchasing limitations on potential components of the drugs ingredients will provide a healthier stock of factory workers for automakers.

Highway safety will also be addressed this Thursday. A new law will require passengers in 15 person vans to wear seat belts. Previously only 10 person vehicles required seat belts.

Another safety precaution on the highway will be the introduction of “Blue Alerts”. The purpose of the new emergency alert system will be to inform motorists to be on the look out for certain makes and models of cars, as well as license plate numbers, to catch suspects of police attacks.

Gov. Steve Beshear is aiming to make the highways safer, remove drug users from the work force, and encourage automotive manufacturing. With a plethora of other laws following, Kentucky is receiving several positive changes.

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