Kia, The New Name of Luxury.

September 11th, 2012
The New Kia Quoris Luxury Car

Kia has been making strides in the automotive world. What started out as a cheaply made economy vehicle, has become a substantial automaker with plans to upscale its’ image. Kia has introduced the Quoris, their first every luxury sedan.

One can draw a lot of similarities between the Kia business model to Hyundai. Both automakers started with less expensive cars, often referred to as cheaply made, and over time increased in quality and reputation.

The latest addition to the Kia vehicle line up, the Kia Quoris, is the first step towards their market diversity. The hardest part of that sort of business model is shaking the public perception of “cheap junk”, and making that leap into the luxury space. Hyundai made the transition quite well. Will Kia be able to pull it off?

Well, the Quoris is a beautifully designed vehicle. The interior is decked to the gills with all of the comforts of their competitors. The driver’s seat has sixteen way adjustment settings, including memory for two separate drivers. The rear seats are equipped with contour back support and heated seating options.

The back of the front seats feature two nine inch monitors. Passengers can not only watch videos, but the entire vehicle has surround sound. On the tech side, the new Kia Quoris also features heads-up display. The HUD shows speed and satellite navigation trajectory.

Smart Cruise Control that utilizes radar to adjust speed accordingly for cars in front of the vehicle will make long trips simple. The Quoris also boasts a Parking Guide System that takes advantage of the 4 cameras mounted for 360 vision of the cars surroundings and an adaptive front lighting system that adjust the LED headlamps for proper vision at varied speeds.

Although pricing has not yet been announced the features and specs from the interior alone is quite impressive. The real question is, will consumers be able to accept Kia as a luxury option?

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