Land of the Lawless

June 8th, 2012
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We have compiled a short list of states where driving laws are less stringent than others. You may want to take caution while passing through, or driving in, these states.

The majority of states, require some form of car insurance to be considered a legal motorist. New Hampshire, while not requiring insurance certainly has steep penalties for those involved in an accident without insurance. If you are involved in an ‘at fault’ accident and can not meet your financial responsibility your license will be revoked.

Kansas, enlists no DMV point system. The trade off is that they utilize a three strikes and your out suspension, and still suspend licenses for the typical DUI or fleeing the scene violations.

The beautiful vacation spot Hawaii is actually very lenient on license suspension. No point system and no strike system means that as long as you don’t have a DUI or commit a serious crime you probably will not lose your license. If you can pay the ticket, you can ‘keep on truckin’.

The state of Iowa works a lot like New Hampshire in the sense that there is no compulsory insurance law. If you are in an accident without insurance, your license will be suspended. However, if you are the driver that is hit by the uninsured and are not carrying appropriate uninsured motorist insurance to cover it, it may not matter to you if their license is suspended.

The last one on the list is an interesting one, because it DOES have fierce laws and repercussions, yet is still one of the most dangerous places to drive in the United States. Only one of every four drivers in Florida has any sort of insurance.

Until very recent reform on insurance payouts, staged accidents and insurance scams were quite common in Florida.

If you have any questions regarding your current state’s insurance laws, or DMV point systems, please visit our Info Center. Be safe on the road and remember that not everyone is properly insured.

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