Mini Boat

April 30th, 2012
Blue mini cooper yachtsman

At the New York auto show this year, Mini pulled a fast one and took their April fools joke all the way. On April first, Mini Cooper sent out a press release detailing an amphibious vehicle as their latest addition.

The press release talked of comical features. Everything from shark resistant paint, to antenna emergency sails. In line with Mini’s customization features, the Yachtsman offered under-hull naming and your choice of graphic options between ‘Suck Eggs Kraken” or “Mermaid Magnet”.

Mini’s newest addition featured new technology in safety called FLOAT adjuster. The “Frantic Lever Operated Active Trim” adjuster, combined with the starboard side spring loaded herring launcher, well… you get the idea

When show day came, the Mini Cooper ‘Yachtsman’ made an appearance. With a hilarious front end, the Yachtsman was literally half boat and half Mini. There is no telling if the Yachtsman could actually operate in the water, but from the looks of it Mini just added a boat half aesthetic for chuckles.

Priced at the low price of $236,000, unfortunately we may never get the chance to own one. For the cost of a press release and some body work, they sure pulled off an awesome PR stunt. The best quote from the press release has to be “comes with a fully incomprehensible warranty that includes 3-year no-cost moorage, annual dry-docking and free barnacle removal, for the original captain.”

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