Mistakes Teen Drivers Make That Cost Them

November 2nd, 2011
Driving Instructor Cringes

Auto insurance is an expense all drivers must pay in order to be adherent to the state driving laws. For some drivers insurance can be less than a hundred dollars a month, while some drivers pay up to $500 a month in insurance premiums. What is the dividing factor between prices? The age of the driver has a huge impact on the price of insurance. New drivers pay more for insurance due to their lack of experience, slight immaturity, and greater likelihood of being involved in an accident. All drivers know teen drivers pay more for insurance, but are there better choices that can be made to lower your insurance premiums faster?

The answer is yes. Your age and sex is something you cannot change but your actions are based on decisions made every second of every day. To lower your insurance as a teen driver you should:

Do well in school

Insurance providers offer large discounts for students with good grades. This works as an incentive for the student to do better in school and for the insurance companies to know they are giving a discount to those who are generally more responsible and studious, lowering their risk rate of being involved in an accident.

Drive responsibly

Drivers that drive the speed limit adhere to the laws and make cautious decisions behind the wheel will pay less for their auto insurance. Adding a speeding ticket to your auto insurance account will all most always increase your premiums and once a premium has increased it is virtually impossible to lower it again.

Keep it simple

A person’s vehicle is a way to express your personality and likes through the type of vehicle you buy, the color you choose and the additions you add it the vehicle. Small additions to make a vehicle more comfortable and luxurious such adding leather seats or having a moon roof can be great additions to a vehicle. While, other additions can be costly to your insurance premiums.  Adding sporty and flashy features may potentially make your vehicle more dangerous therefore your insurance premiums will be more expensive. Modifications such as spoilers, neon lights and turbo charges are known for increasing your insurance costs.

Buy Practical Vehicles

Many new drivers purchase their first vehicle with the mindset of finding the coolest, fastest, sportiest car. New drivers purchase cars based on the looks and features rather than safest, gas mileage and practicality. Keep it safe and look for vehicles that can keep money in your pocket for gas and that will keep you safe on the road.

Insurance is one-product drivers cannot avoid, but the price you pay can be determined by your driving and purchasing habit. If you are paying too much for insurance visit online insurance rate comparison sites like AutoCricket.com, and get a free quote for auto insurance.


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