Mobile Charging for Electric Vehicles

October 12th, 2011
Electric car recharging

In an effort to reduce concern and anxiety over driving an electric vehicle, AAA has announced its very first Mobile Charging trucks in America. As car manufacturers make greater strides toward developing electric vehicles that are built with EV batteries, there will be developing needs for electric charging stations and vehicles. 

Toyota has recently announced its 2012 Prius Plug-in Hybrid that allows drivers to drive over 15 miles at 65 mpg, solely on the electric battery. But what happens when you run out of battery life and fuel? AAA is there to help with their new mobile charging trucks. This comes as an additional service offered by AAA, bringing better roadside assistance across America.

The new roadside-assistance trucks will be equipped with the capability to provide charging for drivers with electric vehicles operating with a EV battery. With the truck’s ability to provide 10-15 minutes of charge time, the electric vehicle should be juiced up enough to travel 15 miles.

AAA is currently operating a trial for the mobile charging vehicles in six metropolitan areas across the country, Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; San Francisco, Los Angeles, California, and Knoxville, Tennessee. The mobile charging vehicles will not only be equipped with the charging function but they will also be able to provide the basic roadside functions of the traditional AAA vehicles such as jump starts, lockout service, tire change and fuel delivery.

Although, the AAA service is offered in limited areas, stay tuned for the up-to-date locations. As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, AAA will continue to offer such services in expanded regions.

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