Prepare for Thanksgiving Travel

November 16th, 2011
Thanksgiving dinner setting

The holiday season is upon us bringing together families celebrating Thanksgiving with festive foods and drinks accompanied by highly congested roadways and long travels through fall weather.  Much like other national holidays, Thanksgiving stands to be a dangerous time for drivers all across America. In Northern states, drivers will be facing possibilities of near freezing temperatures followed by the potential snowfall and ice covered roadways. Along the temperature, drivers will have to face highly congested roadways, the possibilities of intoxicated drivers and roadblocks held by police officers ensuring safe driving practices.

With the known dangers and complications of traveling on Thanksgiving, here are a few helpful tips to save you money and time this Thanksgiving:

Plan your trip early

Planning your Thanksgiving travels last minute will not only cause you a head ache and more money, you may be putting yourself at the risk of danger. If you are going to be driving to relatives for Thanksgiving, plan ahead and give yourself more time than necessary to make it to your destination. With the increased risks on the roadways this holiday, you do not want to increase your chances of an accident with speed and rushing through traffic.

Book your tickets early

If you will be traveling by plane this holiday, it is always best to buy your ticket in advance.  As Thanksgiving is an ideal time to spend with loved ones, make sure to plan ahead and save yourself money by buying your ticket in advance. Plane tickets traditionally go up, as they get closer to the day of travel. The highest prices for a ticket will be a week from the flight up until the flight departs. So, remember to plan ahead and buy early.

Be prepared

Fuel up, even if you think you may have a short distance to travel, you can never be too safe. Unpredictable circumstances can arise and cause trips to be longer, using up more fuel. Also, pack your cell phone and its charger in case of an emergency. There is nothing worse than being in a less then ideal situation on the roadways and no way to communicate for help.

Pack a travel kit

Traveling with a travel kit may seem over the top, but again you cannot predict road conditions, accidents, and traffic. Make sure your vehicle is equipped with the proper tools to change your tire, signal for help, keep you warm if you get stuck, and lastly to food you. A simple bag with a blanket, a flare, water and snacks will be more than useful in the event of an accident.

Safety does not end once you arrive at your destination. Practice safe-driving techniques on your travels home as well. The National Safety Commission reported in 2009 there were 15 deaths and 425 alcohol related injuries that occurred on Thanksgiving.

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