Protecting Your Vehicle On Halloween

October 28th, 2011
Halloween on Fire

As Halloween approaches, we all know there will be mischief and trouble stirring around the streets as millions of children, teenagers and adults head to the streets to celebrate the holiday. As the night begins to darken and the streets are flooded with people, the increased risk of vandalism and accidents rise. From toilet papered houses, egged vehicles, bologna on vehicles, and keyed vehicles, you must be prepared for the possible incidents that may occur on the holiday.

What are the true dangers of Halloween tricks?

Egged Vehicles

For those who decide to use the Halloween holiday as an excuse to vandalize vehicles eggs are a common weapon of destruction. Eggs are a popular choice for vandalism due to the damage cause to the surface of vehicles paint. When an egg is on the surface of a vehicle for a long period of time, over 24 hours, it will dry onto the surface, making the egg white near impossible to remove without wet sanding. The yolk of an egg has the ability to eat through the paints surface due to the chemical composition. If your vehicle is a victim of vandalism, it is ideal to remove the egg immediately and contact law enforcement. Vandalism is a crime that is to be taken seriously and it should be reported to law officials.

Bologna Vandalized Vehicle

It has been known that bologna is a common weapon used to damage vehicles paint for its high rate of stripping a vehicle of its paint. One of the preservatives in bologna, phosphoric acid, has been theorized to having the ability to peel the paint off of a vehicle.  The theory of bologna on vehicles has been tested and has now been proven to be a myth. Because of the nature of bologna and it being made mainly of animal product, the beloved sandwich meat is safe for vehicles. It may leave nothing but an oily smear on the paint of your vehicle, easily removed with a good wash.

Stolen or Robbed Vehicles

With the increased pedestrians and the nature of the holiday, recommends extra precautions when it comes to your vehicle. To protect your vehicle from vandalism it is recommended to park it in your garage or off of the street, the increased foot traffic around your vehicle increases the likelihood of being a victim of vandalism by passer byers. Removing valuable items from your vehicle is also highly recommended. You do not want to give criminals a reason to target your vehicle, such as a purse on the seat or an expensive item in eyes view.

It is important to be cautious and alert to the dangers of Halloween vandalism and if you are a victim of such crimes or see a crime occur contact law enforcement quickly. If your vehicle is damaged due to an attach, it is imperative to contact your insurance provider to inform them of the situation just in case they need to send a claims adjuster to the crime scene.

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