Reinventing The Ford Mustang

April 27th, 2012
2014 white ford mustang concept art

A long running trend in the auto industry may finally be coming to a close. The retro phase of the classic Ford Mustang is slimming. In light of this, Ford is planning a make-over to their classic American muscle car.

In essence this change may take the ‘muscle’ out of the muscle car. With the on going oil crisis, rising gas prices and no way to replenish fossil fuels, Ford may release a Mustang hybrid.

Traditionalists and overall Mustang fans could likely reject the newest addition to the Mustang family. The majority of people are not happy when something they love changes, at least not at first. But is that really Ford’s target market?

With generation Y gaining in spending power, perhaps Ford is attempting to market to them. The major speculation from the muscle car enthusiast, is that Ford will make the same ‘mistake’ they made with the Mustang 2 in the 1970’s.

While that may be true to some degree, many people enjoyed the Mustang 2. There are even whole websites and forums dedicated to fans and owners of the Mustang 2. When you turn off one market, you turn on another.

Unfortunately for Ford, the Mustang has such an iconic branding that the audience they seek to tap into may reject it for the same reason their old market would have bought it, it’s a Mustang.

Love it or hate it, the new Mustang is on it’s way. Check back here at for future updates about the new Ford Mustang as well as the ability to find one at a great price once it is released.

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