Saving Money on Car Insurance Just Got Easier

October 4th, 2011
Piggybank on Money

Looking for ways to lower the cost of your car insurance? Car insurance is one expense to owning a vehicle that cannot be avoided, without breaking the laws. So, how do you lower the cost of insurance but make sure you remain a legal driver? There are many ways to lower your insurance premiums such as:

Being a Responsible Driver

One of the best ways to ensure your insurance premiums do not increase is by remaining a good or responsible driver. Each insurance company adjusts their premiums differently but it is known that receiving tickets or causing car accidents raises the cost of insurance.

Driving a Family Vehicle

Family vehicles such as a van or sedan typically have higher crash rating, making them safer vehicles to drive and lowering the likelihood being involved in an accident. Because of the safety rating and low risk factor, insurance companies typically lower insurance rates for these vehicles.

Combining Insurances

Many insurance companies offer discounts and preferred pricing for drivers and customers that combine their insurance needs such as home insurance, life insurance and their auto insurance. These services can be offered at a discounted combined rate in an effort to lower you’re out of pocket expense.

The list for discounts and tips for lowering your auto insurance is long, with discounts being offered for virtually everything. But discounts are not the only way you could be saving on auto insurance. Drivers are saving hundreds of dollars a year, some up to $892 in one year in saving, just from one simple decision, online comparison shopping.

Automotive experts like have made it easier for consumers to lower their insurance premiums in one simple stop. By going to comparison websites you can enter your personal information into the secure systems for free and within minutes you will be provided with multiple insurance rate quotes based on your personal information and area. It is then up to you to compare the rates and decide which policy work best for your needs and budget. This allows the consumer to have the freedom and flexibility when it comes to purchasing car insurance. No longer do the insurance professionals control your policy, you, the consumer, control which policy you want and what you are willing to pay for it.

Online comparison services such as’s, works with the consumer to make sure they are receiving all of the discounts available to them ensuring they are receiving the best rate quote to help them save on insurance.

To see how much you could be saving on your auto insurance visit is a diverse online resource available for searching for insurance rates, a new vehicle or automotive related information. With its secure and easy to use form, you can quickly compare top-rated insurance carriers and local dealerships prices in minutes. To see how much you could be saving visit

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