Tesla Model S, The S stands for service.

September 17th, 2012
Hybrid/Green Car made of leaves/flowers.

Tesla Motors, electric vehicle manufacturer, announced several upcoming changes in regards to service. The automaker has seen success in the industry and has enough cars on the road to warrant these new changes. Electric cars can be a hassle to fix, primarily because most traditional mechanics do not yet know enough to service them properly.

In light of that fact, Tesla will be building service centers across the United States and Canada, based on proximity to its’ highest concentration of owners. Quoted from their website, “By March 1st of next year, more than 90 percent of all current Model S reservation holders in North America will be within 100 miles of a Tesla Service Center and more than 80 percent will be within 50 miles”.

Having so many service centers open up is a great way to build brand loyalty. The other positive benefit is an increase in sales. The opening of local, or at least relatively local service centers, puts to rest potential buyers fears of not knowing where to take it for service.

Tesla Motors will be upping the ante, for reservation holders and owners, by offering additional road side services and house calls. Ranger service, as it is being referred to, is a roadside or house visit and starts at a flat rate charge of $100. There are also service plans available that include unlimited Ranger service.

Tesla’s reservation holders are meeting this announcement with mixed reviews. While some owners are happy to have the option for service near by, the majority are not thrilled with the pricing. The main gripe by consumers is that the pricing is not relative to the promise of “lower maintenance costs” Tesla promotes for their vehicles.

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