The Big Recall

September 19th, 2012
Refund sign

September has been a big month for automotive recall. We’ve recently discussed the recalling of several thousand Ford Escape vehicles. But that isn’t all Ford will be recalling this year. In fact, Ford isn’t the only one making recalls this year.

Ford has announced a recall on over 5,000 2012 Edge Crossovers. Ford will be repairing the fuel line damper housing for free. Unfortunately, if you remember correctly the fuel line leaking and causing fires was one cause of the Escape recalls. It seems to be a recurring theme this year for Ford.

Along with Ford, Honda has joined the recall list this year with the Honda Element from ’07 to ’11. The recall is due to an electric wiring problem. Fortunately, the only issue that has arisen was in the event of towing a trailer. While towing a trailer, the turn signal on the back of the trailer would only come on while the brakes are being pressed.

That isn’t all for Honda. They will also be recalling their 2012 Honda Ridgeline. This minor recall is only on 17 vehicles. Somehow, it has come to their attention that on these specific 17 vehicles the airbag indicator light was incorrectly installed.

This month it isn’t just the ‘everyman’ vehicles on the recall block. Lamborghini is recalling nearly 1,500 vehicles due to a steering fluid leak. The leak could result in a fire, and Lamborghini will be replacing the faulty part for free. Did you ever think you’d see ‘free’ and ‘Lamborghini’ in the same sentence?

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