The Future of Law Enforcement

September 5th, 2012
Police Lights

As criminals get more inventive with their methods, it is imperative that our police force stays just a few steps ahead. Advances in technology for local law enforcement are always being researched, and some new innovations are being implemented.

For starters, civilians are getting some incredible technological advancements to avoid distracted driving. Back in June we covered the advancements of voice activated vehicle features for civilians. However, that same technology is being applied for police officers as well. Not very surprising, yet still fairly neat to think that somewhere an officer is in his car saying, “Sirens Engage!”.

Something civilians won’t be receiving, is known as the ALPR, or Automatic License Plate Recognition. Police cruisers may soon be outfitted with a device that allows the vehicle to automatically run license plate numbers around them without having to punch them in.

Bass, it isn’t just for hip hop anymore. Federal Signal has created a new type of siren called “The Rumbler”. A pair of 8.5” subwoofers can now be installed to give that siren a bit more oomph. Regarded as an intersection clearer, “The Rumbler” boasts the ability to provide feeling along with the noise of the siren.

In addition to these more mundane advancements, by far the most interesting is the StarChase GPS Launcher. Like something straight out of a spy movie, the StarChase GPS Launcher is literally what it sounds like. A dart launching mechanism is attached the front of the law enforcement vehicle. The launcher is capable of shooting a GPS tracking device onto the back of another vehicle. Why high-speed chase when you can meet them at their house?

These are just a few clever ways law enforcement is improving technologically on a vehicular level. We are certain there is more in the works that has yet been released and look forward to sharing it with you in future updates.

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